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In recognition of QYEA’s mission to inspire greatness in its members, QYEA will connect its members with several more senior and highly successful individuals at our events throughout the year: our Inspiring Alumni.

For 2016, QYEA has the pleasure of partnering with the following leaders as Inspiring Alumni.

  • Michael Serbinis
    Sci ‘95, and CEO of LEAGUE Inc.

    Michael is the CEO and Founder of LEAGUE. Michael is known as a visionary entrepreneur who has built transformative technology platforms across several industries. Most recently Michael was the founder and CEO of Kobo, a digital reading company that burst onto the publishing scene in 2009, driving $110M in sales in its first year. Under Michael’s leadership, Kobo became the only global competitor to Amazon’s Kindle with 20-million customers in 190 countries. Michael sold Kobo to Japanese Internet giant Rakuten for $315M in 2012. Prior to Kobo, Michael founded and sold cloud storage pioneer DocSpace for $568M in 2000 to Critical Path, a global provider of messaging services, which ran one-third of the world’s email. Michael also developed network routing technology at Microsoft, and search engine technology at Zip2, which later sold to AltaVista for $300M.

    Michael Serbinis
  • Paul Teshima
    Sci ‘95, and CEO of Nudge

    Paul is the CEO and Co-founder of, a modern sales platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers. He is a successful technology executive who has run Services, Customer Success, Account Management, Support and Product Management teams.

    As part of Eloqua’s executive team, Paul helped lead the company from $0 to over $100 million in revenue, then through IPO and a successful acquisition for $957 million by Oracle. He’s a firm believer that company culture trumps strategy every time, and that storytelling is an essential part of creating a business. He has a successful track record as a leader with a strong focus on sales and customer engagement.

    Paul Teshima
  • Paul Goddard
    Sci ’90, and CEO of Pizza Pizza

    Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors, Mechanical Engineering, from Queen’s University, is a licensed Professional Engineer, and holds an MBA from London Business School, United Kingdom.  Paul joined Pizza Pizza in 2009 as Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Enterprise Development, before being appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2010. 

    Prior to Pizza Pizza, Paul was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Energy Savings Income Fund (now known as Just Energy) from 2007 to 2008, and was Vice President of Wholesale Energy Group from 2006 to 2007. Earlier in his career, he worked with several other leading organizations such as Imperial Oil (Esso) and Morgan Stanley.

    Paul has sat on the Toronto Zoo fundraising cabinet, and on the Board of Governors of Excellence Canada, of which Pizza Pizza is a founding Partner. Paul is also an active member of The Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Born and raised in Alberta, Paul now resides with his wife and two children in Toronto. He is an avid skier and enjoys travelling with his family.

    Paul Goddard
  • Stuart Lombard
    Sc'88, President and CEO of Ecobee

    A born innovator, Stuart Lombard’s destiny was set by the age of 12 when he began building a foldable canoe that could be carried around in a briefcase. Today, as the President and CEO of ecobee, he is so committed to his work that he was once seen buzzing around the subway during rush hour wearing a bee costume. Granted, it was Halloween. Why such dedication? Because he’s proud to have founded a product that significantly impacts people’s lives and the environment. When Stuart’s not busy fulfilling his role at ecobee, you may find him running, cycling, undertaking a triathlon – or chasing his dog. You may also find him tinkering away on a woodwork project. Trying to finish that foldable canoe? Perhaps.

    Stuart Lombard
  • John Brace
    Sci ’80, and CEO of Northland Power

    John is responsible for leading Northland’s executive team. He has been with Northland since 1988, where he has held various positions in risk management, development, construction and operations, and has served as CEO since 2005.

    John guides Northland’s strategy of being one of the few North American Independent Power Producers that owns and operates its facilities for the long-term, in order to provide stable and sustainable dividends to its employees, investors and shareholders.

    John Brace