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Give Now

In 2014, QYEA announced the creation of the QYEA GPA Society: a group that is dedicated to inspiring greatness, innovation, initiative and leadership; professional development and networking; and connecting with Queen’s engineering and supporting the next generation of Queen’s engineers.

GPA Society members participate in leadership events, networking events alumni gatherings, gain access to QYEA’s Inspiring Alumni, and support Queen’s engineering.

In the 2014-15 fundraising campaign, the GPA Society raised over $20,000 for Queen’s students, including a generous matching donation of $10,000 by Paul Goddard, Mechanical ’90.

How Do I Get Involved?

GPA Society members make a donation to Queen’s through the QYEA portal (Join Here!), and get access to the GPA Society events and benefits outlined below. GPA Society members are also recognized through membership in Queen’s Annual appreciation societies.

GPA Society Events and Benefits: