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If you have any further questions about the Queen's Young Engineering Alumni Association, contact co-chairs Paul Yang and Vikram Bhatia via email at


Executive Committee:

  • Vikram Bhatia (Co-Chair)
  • Lily Gearin (Co-Chair)
  • Paul Yang (Alumni Relations)
  • Jeremy Gooden (Alumni Relations)
  • Seng Adhikomprapa (Treasurer)
  • Dan Skiland (Marketing)
  • Kristy Tu (Events Coordinator)
  • Remi Ojo (Events Coordinator)
  • Matthew Mano (Events Coordinator)
  • Matt Lawson (Events Coordinator)

Advisory Board Members:

  • Phil Sager
  • Richard Hayward
  • Martha van Berkel
  • Sarah Schroeder
  • Kevin Seto
  • Jim Elson

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