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QYEA is the Queen’s Young Engineering Alumni. Active in the Toronto area since 2011, QYEA was established to help new grads engage in professional development and networking opportunities, reconnect with old classmates, and reignite their passion for Queen’s. As an up and coming group of leaders, QYEA has set out a vision and mission explaining its role with respect to Queen's, and the broader community.


Queen’s Young Engineering Alumni (QYEA) believes that when bright, young engineers graduate with a rich capacity for innovation, initiative and leadership, businesses thrive, commercialization grows and Canada becomes more globally competitive.

QYEA believes that the capacity for innovation, initiative and leadership gained at Queen’s can be further developed in all of our alumni.

QYEA believes that a strong network of young alumni that shares learnings, celebrates achievements and contributes to the future success of the Queen’s Engineering program benefits current alumni and future graduates.


QYEA will inspire greatness by delivering exceptional opportunities for alumni to grow and evolve their capacity for innovation, initiative and leadership, and by showing a generation of Queen’s engineers the importance and benefits of investing in the future of the Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science program.