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We can’t be great on our own.

Twenty years ago if you had asked someone about the role of an engineer, they might have told you that engineers build bridges. In the last decade, the world realized new possibilities. As natural problem-solvers, engineers are also great CEOs and policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers. And now the paradigm is shifting again. In today’s complex world, there are no longer engineering leaders or business leaders or communication leaders. There are only change-leaders, and change-leaders don’t just start companies; they transform them in ways never before imagined.

These are exactly the kind of leaders Canada needs and Queen’s Engineering is poised to deliver.

Inspiring Greatness: The Campaign for Queen’s Engineering has been about enabling more of the inspiring experiences for which we are already known. We are inspiring great new ways of thinking, teaching and researching. It’s about inspiring you to action.

To all those who have given generously toward our goal, I thank you. I encourage everyone to invest and inspire our future engineering leaders.

Mike Norris, Civil Engineering ’75